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I am a nature addict, a compulsive gatherer and a very curious and creative woman. Basket weaving, Natural dyeing, and creating with nature's bounty gives me the opportunity to fulfill those primary passions. Living simple and natural life myself, my creations are based on natural materials and on conscious and ethical choices for health - to the land and to everything that lives on it. For many years I explore, learn and preserve traditional crafts of my homeland- arts that are rooted and connected to this earth. I seek Old craftspeople that have no continuity to their skills and learn from them, trying to save their knowledge from disappearance.
Preserving Traditional Crafts, Creating New Art.
My mother was a teacher for weaving and handcrafts and my father was an Amateur jeweler, so I grew-up with all sorts of materials and tools around. 35 years ago, being a nature and walking tours - guide, my favorite sites were small villages, were people worked the land traditionally, where the connection to the earth was immediate and direct. I loved to sit and watch women work their laced head-covers, Bake flat bread in earth ovens, spin their sheep's wool and weave carpets. Very sadly I saw how in short time all of this disappears. How machines and computers conquer our lives, how the young generation is running after the new technology and the old people die without a trail for our hands to follow. Their knowledge is being lost. The heritage of our ancestors is forgotten. 22 years ago I started seeking actively old people who can teach me. I sat with  old Beduin women who taught me spinning and weaving their traditional ways, another beduin woman from northern Israel who taught me how they used to weave their mats, an old Palestinian basketmaker who handed me his great wisdom with olive trees, and so on - dear people who show me the old ways in a new world. People who didn't look at my religion or nationality but only saw my hands, which were eager to learn. Many of my teachers has died. In the last 15 years I teach old- crafts, trying to preserve their ways. If I can - I bring students to those who are still alive and teach together. 
But I am not a traditional craftswoman myself. I have new ideas, and I love trying new things. Having artistic atitude my work is based on old techniques but free to explore new designs. I combine roots and wings, weaving earth, spinning sky, dancing freedom.
The results are in front of you. Buying here will support my effort to keep old-crafts alive. 
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