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As an artist
I  walk on the borderline between traditional crafts
of Israel/Palestine and the modern, more innovative approach to crafts. I explore the two.
In an era in which we are constantly exposed to countless world-wide influences of new, synthetic materials,
I choose a way of simplicity and locality,
influenced by old traditions of this land
and by traditional Palestinian craftspeople,  who are my teachers.  (Most of them are old,without continuity).
On the other hand, I allow my creative spirit to deviate
from tradition for the sake of art.
I work mainly with local plants, which I grow, collect from cuttings and agricultural wastes, or gather with great care and mindfullness in nature. Nature is my greatest teacher. It speaks to me in a language of textures, colors, shapes and smells. My work calls to mind the material culture of our heritage and the connection to the earth, shared by the two peoples who live here. 
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