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My projects are all to do with the conservation and safeguarding of traditional crafts of this land.

I look for old people to learn from and than for younger people who want to learn.

When possible - I organize workshops to enable direct transfer of knowledge and also  to allow the learning of the craft to stay within it's original cultural context.

The Intercultural meetings in these workshops are very real, and many times very moving, as they bring together people that otherwise would not meet.  When the hands are busy - the hearts open.

These pictures are from workshops for beduin weaving on a ground-loom in the palestinian village Uja near Jerico.

 My understanding of empowerment is not to teach the heritage-bearers something new, but to make them believe that what they already know is valuble. Usually the teachers of the workshops are Arab women or men and the students are Jews who can afford to pay for the workshop. But it is very important for me that some younger members from the community of the teachers will participate as students as well. This way the heritage will be kept within the community, and the tradition will not die.
The same is true for workshops that I want to organize with Ethiopian Jews. 
To subsidize the participation of young members of those communities, who are unable to fully pay I need your support. To donate - please click here. 
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