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This is the local harvest blessing that was hung in the home to bring bounty and prosperity, to save the crop and to keep domestic peace and marital harmony. May it do all these for you...

The smallest version is made of 7x2 ears (of corn), to symbolise the 7 good years from Pharaoh's dream, and more 7 good years... I make them also in medium and big size, and also open to make one for your special requst.(for example 40 heads for 40th birthday...) I use special old - fashion varieties of wheat, that look beutiful.

pay attention that the blessing that you'll get is not the one in the picture.   

"musht" - small wheat blessing for abundance

  • I do not spray the blessings as I do not know any safe insecticider that will not harm the environment, and moth are often come to taste the wheat. Most of the blessings are done from wheat that was already eaten. This does not bother me and it is not harmfull - the blessings can survive on the wall for many many years. If the flour in your house is kept in closed containers - there is no reason to worry. But if these creatures bother you you can spray the blessings periodically with insecticider.

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