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Handknit sleeveless light sweater,hand-spun naturally dyed wool. Shades of grey with touches of red and yellow. Colors from plants: Pomegranates, Madder roots, Olive leaves, Eucaliptus.

Loose knit, all natural materials, threads of silver viscose were added for striking effect. light- weight, loose fit. Perfect for spring/automn. One of a kind, special wearable art, eco friendly clothing for women who hear the call of nature.

size: fits S M L (the model in the picture (me) is size L)
length: 50 cm / 20"

The wool yarn for this garment is spun by hand on a spinning wheel or with a hand-spindle. (as did our foremothers) It was dyed with local plants  which I grow, collect from cuttings and agricultural wastes, or gather with great care and mindfullness in nature.  Each plant has it's own secrets as how to give it's color, and it takes time and patience to listen to those secrets wispered in my ears. Knitting is done by hand with big wooden needels.  all of this  is a very time-consuming process, but veryJoyous as well.
I love spinning, I love to get colors from plants, and I love combining them into beautifull garments and see how the colors match. I wish you will enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed making it, knowing that in doing so we revive together an old knowledge that is disappearing nowadays.


Hand-knit sleeveless light sweater,hand-spun naturally dyed wool.

  • Take caution with finished woolen object as these fibers may felt. Wash gently by hand in cold water and mild neutral ph soap.  Dry flat in shade.
    Natural dyes are alive. Some might change with ph changes, and mellow slightly with strong sun light.
    Take good care of your sweater and it will take good care of you for long time.

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